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On the physical level, Lymphatic Drainage assists with conditions like swelling around an injury or chronic edema. It also helps to remove harmful substances from an area, substances like molecules of emotion and pain-inducing chemicals and hormones. It’s also great preventative healthcare. Healthy cells and tissues rely on a good flow of fluids around them to bring oxygen, glucose and other necessary building blocks so that they can create all the vital products that are designed to keep the body in good health. Sessions are either hands-on or energetic.



After a series of surgeries to deal with my cancer, I was left with a large abdominal scar which “stuck” in several places.  This caused discomfort any time I would stretch or reach.  Sharon performed a lymphatic drainage for me and the results were extraordinary.  Immediately after the session, I had more mobility and stretch in my abdominal area.  I was able to twist, turn, and reach without the discomfort I had previously been experiencing.  These results also did not fade over time.  The new mobility I had after the session remained and it has given me immense relief from the pulling sensations I had prior to the drainage.

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