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Body Talk

Body Talk is a system that acknowledges the communication within the mind and body. It has a lot to do with understanding the roles psychology plays on the health of our bodies. 

Body Talk gets in touch with the wisdom that the body knows what is wrong with itself and has the power to heal itself.  The practice of BodyTalk targets a great many things including arthritis, emotional disorders, headaches, sports injuries, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, digestive disorders and chronic fatigue through a genre of treatment know as energy healing.  

This practice provides insights into the areas of your body and mind that need attention and in what priority and sequence they need to be addressed.  We wouldn't want to detox the liver when the colon is not functioning properly. Where would the toxins go?  The body knows what is the priority regardless of the symptoms.  The practitioner is guided by the body.  Every body is different.

  • stress

  • headaches

  • emotional disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, etc.

  • arthritis 

  • chronic & acute pain

  • sports injuries

  • digestive disorders

  • chronic fatigue 

  • back pain


What can BodyTalk heal?

What can BodyTalk heal?



I want to thank you so much for the Body Talk session!!!  I haven't felt this good in years!! It's not that I was in really bad shape, but the pain in my shoulders is gone and has been for a couple of weeks now. It started improving immediately and after two weeks I was pain free in my shoulders. I was immediately surprised with my breathing.  The same night that we "talked", my breathing changed to normal! The constant dull pain in my lower back is gone as is the pain in my neck and both of those happened within a couple of days of our "talk". ... But the general feeling of my body and the inner works of it - just seem to be so happy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Deb



"I had been suffering with upper stomach issues with pain and indigestion for years. A year ago I developed breathing issues which felt like it was coming from my upper abdominal area. After many tests and scopes the specialist could not find anything other than possible celiac disease.  My Celiac markers blood test markers were positive but my biopsy were negative. I went to Sharon hoping Body Talk would help and it showed that my diaphragm had poor blood supply through it. With the help of Sharon and BodyTalk I have not had any breathing issues and my upper stomach feels so much better!! BodyTalk has and continues to be the best thing I have ever done!!"  -Anna-Marie



"Before BodyTalk I always had a constant heavy feel to my head, almost like it was just a chore to sit and keep my self up, but after I got my session my body felt lighter and I mentally felt more motivated.

Sharon did a performance BodyTalk for getting my wisdom teeth out. Getting the bodytalk performance sped up the healing process greatly and lessened swelling and bruising significantly!" -Tala

I went to see Sharon for a bodytalk treatment because I had little black warts on both of my hands. I had about 6 in total and they were starting to get bigger and bigger. I tried ripping them out, cutting them, duct taping them, putting wart treatments on them and nothing helped. I had about 3 body talks and they started fading away and I don’t have any now! I believe this was all done because of the bodytalk, I didn’t change anything else and gave up on the other remedies months before trying bodytalk. Thanks Sharon! -AW

An Evaluation of Effectiveness of Distant BodyTalk Therapy for Children

We conducted a case study evaluation of 18 children aged 2-4 ​through bi-weekly BodyTalk distance sessions over the duration of 12 weeks, January-March.

The purpose of this case study was show how effective distance BodyTalk sessions are. BodyTalk is a fairly unknown modality and distance work is even less understood and carries high levels of skepticism.

Bodytalk identifies stress and interfering factors which can cause the communication breakdowns, resulting in symptoms, pain and disease by asking yes/no questions of the un/subconscious body-mind. By uncovering the root causes of imbalances we can restore communication, helping the body to heal itself.

BodyTalk is based in quantum physics, an understanding that the universe and everything in it contains the information of the whole. Each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to know what it, itself, has to do at a given moment. All distant events are constantly interconnected and interdependent. When something shifts somewhere, then all the other elements making up the web of reality must respond and shift also. In distance sessions the practitioner experiences the shift in one place which is also experienced by the client somewhere else.

In our study, we treated the children purely by distance with no inconvenience to the child’s or parents schedule. The treatments were conducted and an audio summary of what was address was emailed to the parent to review what was addressed.

Our study:

We conducted an initial intake survey of 57 questions on all areas of wellbeing; physical issues, sleep issues, behaviour, cooperation, fears, attachment and self regulation. We treated children with major physical issues but also more general issues like speech delay, eczema, allergies, anxiety, sleep issues, and anger.

The children received 6 sessions over 12 weeks and then we had the parents re-answer the same 57 questions to note improvement as well as written feedback on the changes noticed.

Please visit ​​ for full details on the outcomes.

We are so pleased to share that ALL participants in the study seen an improvement in at least one area of concern and the parents were exceptionally happy and no longer skeptical. Given our outcomes we find it safe to conclude that we have undoubtedly proved distance BodyTalk sessions are very effective for a wide range of issues.

A brief overview of a few of our cases and parental feedback:

“Most of her struggles seemed to disappear after the first session (no more night terrors, hour long fits, sleep deprivation). As she had her 2nd and 3rd session her speech became perfect, her hyperactivity almost disappeared, and she became a calm, easy child to care for. Now, after 6 sessions, she is quite an adaptable, flexible child. Change doesn't seem to upset or even phase her.”

“Last fall she had 6 seizures over 2 months each of which cause her oxygen deprivation and increasing neurological issues. She has been grand mal, petit mal and headache free and been able to make physical rehab progress. She can also self regulate her behaviour...”

Our second child with Epilepsy has also been seizure free!

Our child with a form of cerebral palsy, age 2, was just starting to crawl. The minor chakra of her feet come up in a session and its attribute of ‘taking a stand for oneself’. Immediately following the treatment she began pulling herself up and standing and now attempts to ‘cruise the furniture’ and walk with assistance.

We had 3 boys with fluid build up issues, low immunity, chronically ill since birth and related delays in speech development. All 3 reported dramatic improvements in overall health and reduction in illness and speech;

“​Since C’s first treatment 2 weeks ago he has improved his vocabulary by 300%. He had very few words prior – mommy, daddy, no, baby. On the afternoon of your first treatment he asked me for an ‘apple’ and later that evening asked me for ‘honey’. He had never said much beyond grunts and finger pointing prior and certainly had never asked for anything besides my husband or I by name. I hadn’t yet listened to your email so didn’t even know anything was different. Since then he has about 20+ new words and will now TRY to repeat you even if he doesn’t get the sound perfectly.” and post-study, “W​hile C's main concern of tonsil-size did not change, every other concern we had over his health did! His lymphatic system is working better than ever - he no longer has extra fluid in his scrotum (which aided in avoiding surgery!), his ears have drained and no longer hold fluid (which also helped avoid surgery!), he's talking more than ever and his digestion is better!”

“E had been very sick for months this winter and was basically non verbal. After just a few sessions he was better and stayed healthy for the remainder of the winter. His vocabulary also expanded 10 fold”

“D hasn't been sick since December which is amazing considering we were in emerge once a month for his whole life . He is going down the stairs unassisted which is unusual and falling less”

This is just a sampling of the cases and the dramatic improvements that were made. Visit for full case details, statistical analysis and parental feedback. Or contact Joanne or Sharon to set up a distance session and try it for yourself.

Study Conducted by Certified BodyTalk Practitioners Joanne Yanke & Sharon Koenning. 

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